Paul G. Heller - Playwright

Productions – The Flood

The Flood

A full-length comedy. A Midwest family agrees to take in their in-laws when a flood wipes out their town.  As Americans, the hosts pride themselves on saying “We taking care of our own.”  But what happens when the good will runs out and the family still has to share resources and space with loved ones?  The hosts really do not want their guests’  crucifix hanging in their living room; the guests resent not being given access to the kitchen.  Resources and tempers become frayed and then break.  It would take very little to destroy everyone’s life.  Both hosts and guests must face the reality that to survive, they have to live with far less than they had come to expect as hard-working Americans.

“The Flood” is a geo-political comedy that draws on the aftermath of recent hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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Below is a poster for the production.