Paul G. Heller - Playwright

Productions – Kori and Alo

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Kori and Alo

A full-length puppet-theater play for all ages. Conceived with Luis Tentindo, who designed and directed this collaboration.  The work is a response to the Japanese Tsunami of 2011. Alo suffered a childhood trauma, stopped speaking, fled her home and lives in an artisans’ warehouse far away.  However, when a tsunami hits her home town, she returns to a beloved aunt.  The town lies strewn along the beach; the people are suffering from exposure and exhaustion.  Silently, Alo constructs new shelters from the debris, applying the artisan skills she learned in the warehouse.  Her homes blend wood from everyone’s past homes with salvaged items unique to inhabitants’ life before the disaster. 

To view an excerpt of the script, please click on the image below.